If your business is confused by the CDC’s latest guidelines, ignore them

The CDC updated its guidelines last week and announced that vaccinated people can forego masks in public. However, since these new guidelines have caused confusion for some retailers, it may be OK to ignore them, Inc.com reports.

The new guidelines operate on an honor system when it comes to being vaccinated, and employees or customers may be put at a higher risk when entering a business that has dropped its mask mandate. This means it may be better for businesses to play it safe.

Before deciding what you will enforce at your business, you can check CDC vaccination numbers for your area, and ask how many of your employees have received both of their vaccines. 

State and local guidelines are the most important when deciding whether or not your business will require masks. If risk of spread is small and vaccination numbers are high, masks may not be necessary. In Louisiana, however, only 29% of the state is vaccinated.

“There is no mandate to take it off,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told Fox News on Sunday. “What we’re saying is, now this is safe. Work at your own speed, work with your own family and your own businesses to remove them when necessary.” Read the full story here.