How to hire new employees with a vaccine mandate in place 

Some prospective employees will appreciate it if your company has a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, but others may not. And if your company is in a hiring bind, as many are these days, you might need to codify and justify your safety policies. 

Here’s a primer on how to hire with a vaccine mandate in place from Inc. 

Be transparent.

Nicolas Holand—founder of GooseSmurfs, a gaming company based in Indianapolis—has needed to hire nine new workers since July. So far, all of the candidates he’s hired have agreed to GooseSmurfs’s vaccination policy, but the founder thinks he’s had a smoother time with the process because the company has been transparent and direct with its requirements on the job post itself. Candidates who were hesitant about the mandate likely didn’t apply. 

Make the vaccine a condition of employment. 

When people take a job, they do so with an understanding of a job’s requirements. That’s why it’s crucial to outline any vaccine policies with candidates before they accept the position, says John Hooker, professor of business ethics and social responsibility at Carnegie Mellon University.

Don’t ask about a prospective worker’s vaccination status.

If a candidate is turned down for a job, and is told it is because he or she won’t receive the vaccine, they can file a discrimination lawsuit. Read the full story.