How to have productive virtual meetings with vendors to plan new year

As businesses approach the new year, many will be meeting with vendors to reflect and plan a path forward, Entrepreneur reports, and there are ways to ensure those meetings will be productive for everyone.

An executive or manager might not be able to go to every vendor meeting, so they should turn to someone else in their firm who can act as a champion for them. Ideally, it should be someone who believes in the relationship the business has with that vendor. That way, the vendor will see that the investment from the business goes beyond just money.

With a virtual vendor meeting, it’s also important to encourage a deeper sense of connection through physical sharing. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having food catered to all meeting participants, or by spending some money on physical gifts the vendor might appreciate.

Lastly, everybody should have a sense of expectations and be on the same page, so periodic check-ins are a good thing. The more meetings executives and vendors have, the more opportunities they have to get to know each other, review what’s going on and bring any issues out into the open. Read the full story.