Housing authority left out of Broome’s plan to realign agencies

Baton Rouge City Hall (File photo)

Two local agencies dedicated to redevelopment and blight elimination will be “realigned” by October if the Metro Council cosigns a proposal from Mayor Sharon Weston Broome.

The concept of reworking the Office of Community Development and the Redevelopment Authority is based on a recommendation submitted by one of her transition teams. But Broome’s plan stops short of her transition advisers’ recommendation to merge those agencies as well as the East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority into one organization.

The work of the three agencies has taken on a heightened role in the aftermath of last year’s floods which impacted tens of thousands and reduced affordable housing options in Baton Rouge.

“We always knew that was gonna be a little bit of a stretch,” says Darryl Gissel, who co-chaired the transition committee and supports Broome’s move. “We knew there would be some concern from the Housing Authority about being intermingled with another group.”

Daily Report has the full story. 

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