Future Fitness goes from cramped, old space to modern and inviting location

(Photography by Tim Mueller)


1650 Lobdell Ave.

Owner/developer: Chris Gendusa
Architect: The Front Door
Contractor: GM Real Estate
Cost: N/A
Completed: July 2016
Use: Chris Gendusa’s Future Fitness facility used to be located in a cramped, 1940s-era building down the road from its current location. In need of an improved space, Gendusa signed up to build a new spot in the growing Studio Park development at the intersection of Lobdell Avenue and Jefferson Highway. The new 6,300-square-foot space offers state-of-the-art facilities with a much more modern and inviting feel. Windows littered throughout the building allow natural light to brighten every corner, and Gendusa says patrons will find the flow of the building to be much more functional than the old fitness center. Gendusa says he has also been able to expand his service offerings—including massage therapy, aestheticians and private yoga—with the extra room. “The flow of where everybody can be connected but also could be seen works so much better than the other location,” he says.


“Light is a key, especially in our business. You want to have a lot of light. That was the whole idea, to provide a lot of light. We made it a lot more modern. Our other place was more traditional. This is a lot more modern.”

—Chris Gendusa, owner, Future Fitness


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