Fate of several Rouzan homes up in the air after appeals court rules against Spinosa

Developer Tommy Spinosa says he is working on a solution to a recent First Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against him that could theoretically force him to raze several homes in the middle of Rouzan, his traditional neighborhood development in Southdowns.

Spinosa declines to say what the solution might be or whether his attorneys plan to appeal the April 26 ruling to the Louisiana Supreme Court. But he says no one in the TND is going to lose their home.

“No judge is going to make someone tear down their house—you know that,” Spinosa says. “There are several solutions and we intend on getting this resolved quickly.”

It is unclear, however, whether the plaintiffs in the case will be amenable to the developer’s proposed solution.

Spinosa’s attorneys decline to comment.

Daily Report has the full story. 

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