Ex-contractor who allegedly took advantage of flood victims selling COVID-19 help 


Matthew Morris, who served jail time and lost his contractor’s license for activities in the aftermath of the August 2016 flood, has opened a new business and is selling COVID-19 remediation services on Facebook.

Morris’ new venture is called COVID-19 Solutions Company and is advertising direct remediation services to homeowners whose properties have been contaminated by COVID-19. The company is also marketing franchise licenses to entrepreneurs who want to get into the cottage industry.

“Backed by years of disaster, remediation and crisis management experience, COVID-19 Solutions Company is committed to bringing our quality-focused indoor environmental services expertise to communities around the nation by offering consulting and franchising opportunities that empower other construction, cleaning, remediation and other capable companies to urgently respond to this crisis, equipped with a proven working business model that ensures compliance with CDC protocols and ensures financial success,” the company says on its Facebook page.

The page directs interested customers to a website, www.COVID-19Solutions.org, that is not operational.

No COVID-19 Solutions Company is registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website.

In December 2018, the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors revoked Morris’ license after a lengthy hearing.

The owner and CEO of Complete Construction Contractors, Morris had been arrested in early 2017 and charged with contractor fraud and filing false public records in connection with an alleged scheme that involved taking money from homeowners in multiple parishes and not completing repairs.

Many of those victims had paid Morris to repair damage caused by the August 2016 flood. 

He later pleaded guilty to a single charge of filing or maintaining false public records. He was released from prison in September 2018.

Morris did not respond to a call seeking comment or to a scheduled Facebook appointment this afternoon seeking information about COVID-19 Solutions Company.

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