Entrepreneur: Rivers Dupree

Photography by Brian Baiamonte


COMPANY Rescued Revisions

WHAT THEY DO Refurbished antique furniture in a farmhouse style

ADDRESS 224 N. Range Ave., Denham Springs

NEXT GOALS Continue growing customer base and expand social media following


Working a garage sale isn’t how most kids would choose to spend a Saturday morning, but most kids weren’t like Rivers Dupree. When Dupree held sales as a kid and looked out into his front yard filled with old furniture and knick knacks, he saw opportunity. Growing up in a small town outside Plaquemine, Dupree always knew he wanted to have a business of his own. He discovered a talent for rehabbing antique furniture after seeing refurbished pieces around town. “I just saw it and thought I could do it.” Today, he’s the owner of Rescued Revisions in Denham Springs, where customers can find farmhouse style furniture restored with chalk paint and other rustic-chic materials.


At 15, Dupree began selling his redone dressers, vanities, tables and chairs in online marketplaces. Eventually, he brought his goods to the Antique Village in Denham Springs, where he managed three booths in well-known shops like the Rusty Rooster. While the flooding of August 2016 resulted in devastation for many, it brought new opportunity for now 18-year-old Dupree. The building Rescued Revisions currently occupies took on five feet of water, forcing one business to close and making way for Dupree to rent the space a year later, opening in August of 2017. “When I started this, I always knew my dream was to have my own store.”


After nearly seven months in business, Dupree is making his mark at the Antique Village. “A lot of people come in and tell me they bought a piece from me when I was in someone else’s store.” Dupree also has customers who are still rebuilding and stop in looking for the perfect addition to their home. He says he owes his success to the support of the community and the foot traffic in the Antique District. Still, business presents challenges like customers haggling over items, which he attributes to the popularity of reality TV shows, while others might ignore him behind the counter at first glance due to his youthful appearance.


Dupree’s passion for restoration is rooted in envisioning the potential in each piece, and he finds fulfillment in the sweat equity he puts into his work. Each piece presents a new challenge as he travels to local auctions and markets in neighboring states in search of sturdy furniture and home décor with character. Rescued Revisions is curated to ensure customers are constantly browsing unique works of art, which requires late nights and early mornings spent painting furniture. In addition to his own hand-crafted items, Dupree also has two dealers renting space in his store. Still, he prides himself on putting his hand on every single item that comes through the door.

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