BRAC joins coalition backing ‘Louisiana Checkbook’ to track government spending

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana - State Capitol building

    The Baton Rouge Area Chamber is among a coalition of chambers of commerce, business associations and other groups backing the “Louisiana Checkbook,” a proposed website that would track government spending. The proposal is high on the agenda of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.

    BRAC joins more than two dozen groups, including Greater New Orleans, Inc. and associations for the oil and gas, restaurant, retail and chemical industries, among others, in backing the proposal.

    “We believe that the people of Louisiana deserve transparency on how their tax dollars are being spent,” BRAC President and CEO Adam Knapp says in a statement. “Transparency will lead to greater accountability and trust, and hopefully to greater prioritization of how those dollars should be spent.”

    Pitched as a transparency measure, the concept would allow residents to track spending by state and local governments, school districts, courts and other public entities.

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