BRAC defends industrial tax exemption program that Together Baton Rouge claims has cost Baton Rouge $769M

Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program has done little to attract new business or jobs to East Baton Rouge Parish over the past 17 years and has cost the city-parish some $769 million. That’s according to a new study that will be released later today by Together Baton Rouge.

The group, which has lobbied for curbs to the business-friendly program, found in its study that 99% of ITEP exemptions between 2000 and 2017 went to existing companies in the city-parish, rather than to new companies coming into the area.

“This is supposed to be an incentive program to attract new business to the area,” says Together Baton Rouge Executive Director Broderick Bagert. “Instead, it goes to existing companies. It’s like giving someone an incentive to wake up in the morning.”

Daily Report has the full story.

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