At Big Bad Bites in Gonzales, it’s ‘just good food fast’

At I-10’s Exit 177 in Gonzales, hungry drivers are met with the familiar fast-food names: Wendy’s, Popeyes and Sonic, among plenty of others. But the recently married couple behind Big Bad Bites want to offer something new to the fast-food ecosystem: sit-down restaurant-quality food and ingredients. 

Offering the drive-thru convenience of other nearby restaurants, Kaitlin and Cory Hebert’s food is designed to be prepared quickly without compromising quality. “Just good food fast,” the restaurant’s website reads.

“The menu here is done on high volume in a short time frame,” Cory says, gesturing to the kitchen. “Every single item up there is designed to move fast, which is actually the reason for the drive-thru.”

Cory Hebert has been working to perfect the current menu of quick-service food including debris and jerk chicken sandwiches along with the signature cheese-stuffed boudin balls since 2015. That was when he opened Cajun Kettle, a food truck that was later renamed Rouge-A-Roux’s. The truck was known around Baton Rouge for popping up at events and servicing workers at local plants. 

“It’s like a little manufacturing plant, and that’s what I like,” says Hebert, who is a former automotive manufacturing worker. “I still remember the first customer I had downtown when we randomly parked the truck. I still remember it because it’s the weirdest feeling having someone actually buy something from you, smile at you and leave you a review.” 

Back then, the food truck was serving plate lunches. Those dishes evolved into the Big Bad Bites’ menu today—“restaurant quality, premium products,” says Kaitlin Hebert, a physical therapist at Baton Rouge General.

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