Amy Dighton builds a network for mompreneurs

Amy Dighton(Courtesy Amy Dighton)

Sitting down at a small table in White Star Market, Amy Dighton divulges that she has been in her car in the parking lot curling her hair just minutes prior to our meeting.

With a laugh, she explains the occurrence is all too common, as she has learned to squeeze self-care into the almost nonexistent spare moments between meetings for her company Clover Creative Agency, recording for her new show Mommy’s on the Podcast and tending to the everyday errands required of a mom of four.

“One thing mompreneurs have in common is that we’re all tired,” she admits, noting that she has been up since the early hours of the morning caring for a daughter who climbed into her bed before daybreak. “Everything I do, I have no time for.”

That’s why she surprised even herself when she decided to take on her newest venture: a podcast to cater to her fellow moms, business owners and creatives.

“I attended Crop, which is a local design conference,” she explains. “There, the challenge was to do something for yourself, so I started thinking about what would make me happy.”

And while Dighton works from home doing a job she loves, she says the misconception that she is always fulfilled often frustrates her.

“I enjoy my job but everyone gets tired and has those days,” she says. “I noticed that my happiest days were the ones where I would have lunch with a friend, but that was only once a month at best.”

Brainstorming how to marry her love for lunch dates with a creative passion, she landed on a podcast. Aware of the growing popularity of the audio shows and a lover of a few herself, she saw an opportunity to deliver something to her listeners that she felt was lacking in the already saturated market.

“I want my listeners to feel like a fly on the wall,” Dighton explains. “Unlike other podcasts, I don’t necessarily want my podcast to have a point. I want it to be friends talking and sharing stories.”

This laid-back approach not only captures listeners—allowing them to feel part of the conversation—but it allows Dighton’s guests, who are often well-known local faces, to get comfortable and get real.

“One of my favorite episodes is with Helena Williams, when we really hit on mom guilt,” she explains of the episode with the owner of HellKat Design Co., who also works as the director of marketing and communications for The Walls Project. “I never want to be negative, but I do want to be open and honest.”

Dighton is planning to expand her reach further than the car radio. She is working on producing a one-day conference called Hive for local mompreneurs. Specially tailored to the interests, needs and time constraints—carpool waits for no one—of moms, Dighton wants to create a platform for both learning and connecting.

“Bumblebees aren’t meant to fly but they do it anyway,” she notes, explaining the conference’s title. “Moms are the same way. We do all of these things that don’t seem possible, but we do them because we have to. I want the conference to bring people together to make connections and motivate each other.”

Dighton says the conference is just the beginning.

“In the months after Hive, I want us to become a network for holding each other accountable,” she explains. “As moms, we feel like it’s failing to ask for help. But, in reality, it’s not bad to need it. It’s human. It took me three years to realize that. I want to be here to help people in similar situations, because we need each other.”

If you or someone you know is interested in being featured on Mommy’s on the Podcast, email Dighton at amy@clovercreativeagency. And find Dighton online at

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