Adoptions steady at new pet shelter on LSU campus

Business for the Companion Animal Alliance has been steady since the November opening of its new $12.75 million facility at LSU, says Dr. Sarah Hicks, the veterinarian who is leading the organization as its interim executive director.

Since opening in November, CAA has had 332 adoptions, essentially the same number as the same period last year, says Hicks. The shelter currently houses 321 animals, which includes animals in foster care.

“During the holiday season, we see a lot of people wanting to bring animals into their home,” Hicks says.

Also running at about the same rate as a year ago is the 119 animal surrenders, according to Hicks and CAA board chairwoman Christel Slaughter.

“It means the community feels comfortable with facility and feels we’re a positive environment,” Hicks says.

As a new addition, CAA is prepping to open a roughly 500-square-foot retail store at the facility. Proceeds from the store will go directly into caring for animals at the facility.

“People need these supplies and they either have to purchase them somewhere else, or we can provide everything they need to bring that animal home today,” Hicks says.

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