Workforce Tip of the Week, sponsored by Spectrum Employee Services: ‘At will’ employment

    With “at will” employment, there is no guarantee how long an employee will be working for the company—so consider this:

    • Handbooks should not specify occurrences that must happen in order to terminate an employee
    • Handbooks should not specify the first 90 days as probationary, as this will lead employees to believe their jobs are secure after that time
    • Managers should request notice from employees as a professional courtesy, but they cannot require it
    • Managers are not required, but should verbalize, why an employee is being terminated, in order to avoid potential lawsuits claiming termination for illegal reasons

    The U.S. is one of the only countries that participates in at will employment. Though there are many benefits to this arrangement, it can lead to lawsuits that employers want to avoid. Click here for more information.

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