Woodard works to bring back ‘old charm’ as lone pharmacist in downtown Baton Rouge

    Tommy Joe “T.J.” Woodard, pharmacist, owner and operator of Prescriptions to Geaux

    Fresh out of pharmacy school, T.J. Woodard and his wife moved from north Louisiana to Baton Rouge to begin their careers. They both went to work as pharmacists at large chains but soon realized that the big box model wasn’t a good fit for either of them.

    As Woodard tells Business Report in its new Entrepreneur feature, the corporate giants lacked the personal touch and customer service that he always associated with his profession. He even considered getting out of pharmacy altogether and began pursuing his MBA in the evenings at LSU. But once there, he began to think about options for opening a pharmacy of his own that would operate the way he always thought they should.

    Woodard’s gut told him that downtown Baton Rouge—with its residential growth in recent years but lack of a pharmacy—would be the ideal location for his business. He opened Prescriptions to Geaux on Third Street in 2013 to much fanfare from the community.

    “A lot of people downtown really wanted this thing to work,” he says. “They want to support the little guy—and they will, as long as you are giving them a product that is consistent and competitive.”

    Woodard says his favorite part of being a business owner is the day-to-day interactions he has with regular customers—some of whom just stop in for a cup of coffee and chat.

    “This place brings back some of that old charm that’s lost in our modern world,” he says.

    With five years of business under his belt, Woodard is now looking at his options for expanding Prescriptions to Geaux’s footprint.

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