Temple applies on-the-court lessons in the boardroom

    Collis Temple III’s biggest claim to fame in Baton Rouge may always be his time on the hardwood for the LSU basketball team. But these days, his star is burning just as brightly in the business world.

    As Business Report details in the latest Executive Spotlight feature in the new issue, Temple took his LSU education—he earned his master’s in 2002, before his playing days finished—and turned it into a job with Primerica, an insurance and investment firm that focuses on the middle-income market.

    Temple is the firm’s national sales director, and he runs Collis Temple III and Associates, a Primerica training center for over 250 licensed agents for the company.

    The lessons he learned on the court—the importance of work ethic, focus and “coachability”—still apply to this day, he says.

    “Those three things have made all the difference in my life, whether it be my personal life, athletics, academics or business,” he tells Business Report.

    Growth is always on Temple’s mind: He’s aiming to help at least 25 Primerica agents open new offices by the end of 2020. He has also been a member of the Louisiana Board of Regents since 2015.

    Temple says his business career informally started very early in his life as he watched his parents run their businesses. From them, he learned the value of relationships and interacting with people.

    “I’ve adopted the idea early on that I may not be the best at everything I was involved in, but as long as I was the best I could be, and the best me at it, that was enough,” he says. “I apply these ideas literally every day.”

    Read the full Executive Spotlight Q&A. Here’s a sample of what you will find:

    What is the greatest personal or professional obstacle you’ve overcome, and how did you overcome it?

    “I’ve been extremely blessed that I haven’t had to deal with things that most people would consider significant obstacles, but I would say overcoming the injury that derailed the dream that I had at 5 years old and stayed true to until the injury at 24, which was competing in the NBA. I totally threw myself into building my Primerica business and doing what was necessary to succeed at the highest level that I could. (I also didn’t watch the NBA for almost two years.)”

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