The shadow of the leader: Building your company’s culture

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    When it comes to retaining valuable employees and keeping them happy and productive, culture is key. A company’s culture reflects the organization’s mission. Culture also can provide a work environment where the team enjoys putting in time and effort improves their performance each and
    every day. 

    We spoke to Bo White, founder and chief executive officer at Click Here Publishing in Baton Rouge, a leading national digital marketing company specializing in Google and Facebook advertising. With 25-years leading the way in digital advertising, their distinct culture attracts high-performing professionals from across the country. “When you define your culture, you’re also defining your company’s values and goals,” White tells us. “These values show your employees and the public what is most important to your brand.” 

    Follow their lead: 3 ways Click Here is winning in culture 

    1. Transparency: A crucial part of their success is that their CEO and executive team share the company’s success and challenges. They ‘information share’ every month with the entire staff. This is a key element to having everyone invested and connected.
    2. Change: Change is constant, especially being a tech business. Keeping things fresh and fluid stimulates productivity. Frequent company-wide communications are key. The digital landscape changes faster each year and Click Here’s goals are to always remain in the forefront.
    3.  Growth: They are always looking for ways their team can grow personally via continued education, conferences and certifications. They like to say “at Click Here Publishing, you get a four-year college education in the first eight months.”

    They are not just talking about adding a pool table or exercise machine to the break room. It goes deeper than that. Your team wants to feel that they are contributing to something larger than themselves. “Employees want to feel that they belong.” Click Here’s Vice President, Jonas Dominique adds, “Every team member is referred to as a partner, not an employee.”

    Read more about Click Here’s culture and get their five tips for attracting talent.

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