More single US women are buying homes

    More and more single women are becoming homebuyers.

    Citing an October 2016 National Association of Realtors report, the online industry publication and newsletter Construction Dive reports the number of single-women homebuyers has been on the rise since 1981, climbing from 11% to 22% at the market’s peak in 2006.

    Single women now account for 17% of homebuyers, and their numbers are expected to grow.

    “They don’t fear buying a home and are not waiting to be in a relationship to qualify for a mortgage,” Elizabeth Weintraub, a California-based broker, tells Construction Dive.

    Single men, on the other hand, are purchasing homes at far lower rates, accounting for 10% of homebuyers in 1981 and a 7% share in 2016.

    Married couples are also experiencing a downshift. They account for 66% of the homebuying market today, down from their peak of 81% in 1985, the NAR report shows.

    Single female homebuyers represent a variety of ages and backgrounds. They are widowed, divorced, have never been married or are looking to relocate near schools because of their children.

    Construction Dive has the full story.

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