moving Coursey showroom to Airline is relocating its outdoor kitchen showroom from Coursey Boulevard, where it has been located since 2011, to the company’s distribution warehouse at Airline Highway and Airway Drive.

    CEO Corey Tisdale says the move makes sense because the 13,000-square-foot Coursey showroom doesn’t have enough storage space to stock most of the inventory that walk-up customers may purchase, while the 115,000-square-foot Airline Highway warehouse has a lot of unused space that can be easily converted to a showroom.

    “This will make it easier for customers to browse, purchase and carry home what they buy from a single location,” he says. “Most of our walk-up customers are contractors anyway, and we’re finding that we have to send them to the warehouse to pick up their orders. So we don’t think they’ll mind if we move the showroom there.”, which started 20 years ago selling barbecue equipment out of a brick-and-mortar store called The Grill Store & More, shifted to an online-only model in the very early years of the internet. In the two decades since, it has become the largest online retailer of outdoor products in the country and now operates several companies under the umbrella. Revenues in 2016 topped $86 million.

    The company departed from its online-only model seven years ago with the opening of the Coursey showroom. At the time, Tisdale said having a retail store would enable the company to better serve local customers.

    He says the local storefront continues to do well, though the growth of online sales continues at a far more impressive 24% per month.  

    “Our growth is much faster than the industry average but it’s not fair to compare the store to that,” he says. “That store is going to continue to grow. We’re just going to make sure when you stop in to buy your stuff you’ll be able to load up your car and take it home.” leases its showroom space on Coursey. Tisdale says he doesn’t have an exact timeline for the planned move and doesn’t know what the landlord has planned for the property once he moves out.

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