Sammy’s Southern Bistro to put a new spin on a Baton Rouge favorite at The Oasis

A new incarnation of the popular Sammy’s Grill restaurant is coming to Baton Rouge.

Sammy’s Southern Bistro—a sports themed cafe with a live music stage and a 20-foot theater screen for sporting events—will be included in The Oasis, which Chris Shaheen has been working to develop on Burbank Drive since 2012.

Shaheen and Sammy Nagem, owner of Sammy’s Grill—which has four restaurants in the Capital Region—will share ownership in the mixed-use development, while Nagem will solely own the restaurant within.

“It will be in a smaller building than Sammy’s Grill and the menu is going to be scaled down with some trendier food categories being brought in such as small plates and wraps,” Nagem says in a prepared statement issued this morning. “But you’ll definitely know it’s affiliated with Sammy’s.”

Shaheen and Nagem recently closed on financing for The Oasis, which will be built in phases and is envisioned as a mixed-use development on Burbank, across from South Kenilworth Parkway.

The Sammy’s restaurant—a timeline for development has not yet been released—will serve as the centerpiece of the development’s first phase. The restaurant will be located next to an open-air recreational venue that will include a 5,000-square-foot patio and sand volleyball courts that will also be available for private events.

“They’ll be able to do a seriously top-notch crawfish boil out here, along with pig roasts,” Shaheen says.

In their second phase, The Oasis development also has plans to include a 10,000-square-foot reception hall that would have onsite catering provided by Sammy’s Catering, Shaheen says. “There’s a demand for a reception hall in south Baton Rouge,” Shaheen says.

—Steve Sanoski

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