Roundup: Landry argument rejected / Federal home buyouts / King cake babies

    Public records: A federal judge ruled against one of Attorney General Jeff Landry’s key arguments in a lawsuit that could have kept out-of-state residents from filing public records requests in Louisiana, WAFB-TV reports. An Indiana woman is suing the attorney general for failing to turn over documents she requested in a timely fashion. Landry argued that public records law only applies to Louisiana citizens, but his motion was denied. Read the full story.

    More buyouts: Forty-one more homeowners across the city-parish have applied to have FEMA to buy their houses at reduced prices. The Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program allows local governments to purchase repeatedly flooded homes for 75% of their value using federal funds, WBRZ-TV reports. East Baton Rouge Parish has purchased 88 houses through the program so far. Read the full story.

    Oh baby: Naked king cake babies are not suitable for Facebook advertisements, Mandeville-based marketing firm Innovative Advertising learned this week when it promoted its online King Cake Snob competition. The group tried to post a sponsored Facebook ad featuring the tiny baby dolls found in king cakes but Facebook blocked it saying it the ad had too much nudity. Read the full story from King Cake Snob.

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