Report: Louisiana’s incomes see largest decrease in U.S. last year

    Louisiana, one of the poorest states in the country, saw the nation’s largest decline in incomes in 2016.

    Nationally, median household incomes rose 2.4% last year, according to Census figures released today and reported by Governing. The uptick is the fourth consecutive “significant increase” in the survey, but has done little to improve income inequality.

    Incomes in Louisiana declined by 2.1% last year, making it one of four states where wages did not rise. The median household income in Louisiana was $45,146.

    The increases in 30 states are large enough to be considered statistically significant. Idaho had the largest increase in incomes, at 6.3%, and that state also had the largest increase in the percentage of jobs. Incomes in Massachusetts rose 5.8% and Oregon and North Carolina both had strong gains.

    Other states with declining incomes were North Dakota and Wyoming, both energy producers.

    Maryland has the highest income in the U.S., with a median household income of $78,945, followed by Alaska at $76,440. The poorest states were MIssissippi ($41,754), West Virginia ($43,385), West Virginia ($44,334) and Louisiana.

    Check out Governing’s story, which includes an interactive map.

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