Produce wholesaler gets new name as part of rebranding effort

    L & A Quality Foods, a local wholesale distribution company that was acquired last spring by Associated Grocers, is getting a new name and a new logo as a part of a rebranding effort intended to grow the company. Effective Monday, the company’s new name will be Table Fresh. Over the weekend, delivery trucks will be repainted with the new name and logo. A new website and social media sites also have been created as part of the rebranding effort.

    “We are rebranding so we will be more visible out there,” says Steve Miller, AG senior vice president of business strategies. “We are looking to keep our existing customers satisfied and grow our customer base.”

    The company’s existing customer base includes more than 200 restaurants in Louisiana, most of which are located in the Baton Rouge area. L & A supplies them with produce as well as with other specialty food items, including desserts and ingredients. The company’s suppliers are located throughout the country.

    Miller says AG bought L & A last May because it made strategic sense for the grocery distributor, which saw an opportunity to diversify and grow a small, locally based produce wholesaler. At the time, L & A was eight years old. Miller declines to say what revenues were then or by how much AG hopes to grow the company under the Table Fresh name.

    “We haven’t put a pencil to it yet,” Miller says. “But we’d like it to be five or six times its size in 10 years.”

    —Stephanie Riegel

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