Pressure on House to back Obamacare repeal bid after Senate vote

    The pressure is now on U.S. House Republicans to complete the first step toward repealing Obamacare after a razor-thin Senate vote showed the contentiousness surrounding efforts to undo President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

    As Bloomberg reports, the House plans to vote as early as Friday on a budget resolution that would set the repeal effort in motion, but the timing could slip because of intra-party angst. Doubts were growing among both moderate and conservative Republicans about the wisdom of voting for repeal without laying out more details about the eventual replacement.

    A top House leader says today that they have enough support to approve the measure in Friday’s scheduled vote.

    “Oh yeah, we’ll be fine,” Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California said in a brief interview.

    Even so, Dennis Ross of Florida, a senior House deputy whip, said Wednesday he has been advised by a colleague that more Republican votes must be found to adopt the resolution, given that all Democrats are expected to oppose it. Ross said GOP leaders are preparing for the possibility that the vote may have to be moved to Saturday to allow more time to assemble support.

    Some House Freedom Caucus members are opposed to the current plan, while Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, who co-chairs a group of moderate Republicans, said he has “serious reservations” at this point about voting for the budget.

    Bloomberg has the full story. 

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