Petz Plaza expanding Perkins Road location

    Petz Plaza is expanding its existing Perkins Road location into the adjacent Aldrich Market shopping center and has plans to utilize the additional space for a doggy day care service.

    The shopping center is already home to Iverstine Farms Butcher. Petz Plaza will occupy approximately 2,000 square feet in the 3,766-square-foot development, located near College Drive.

    The owners signed a lease for the space several months ago and are currently waiting to receive commercial buildout permits, says Chad Ortte, who partnered with Robert Svendson and Chris Landry to build Aldrich Market.

    A fence will connect Petz Plaza’s current building with the space in Aldrich Market, says owner Michael Hackett. The shopping center will have an entrance for customers dropping off their pets for day care.

    Leasing space in Aldrich Market allows Petz Plaza to expand its nearly 15-year-old Perkins Road building, which Hackett describes as land locked and too small to offer day care services.

    Day care services for pets were not a “thing” when the building was constructed, he says, but times have changed. Hackett and his wife, JT, already provide day care service at Petz Plaza’s Jefferson Highway location. The demand is high, Hackett says.

    They’re hoping to replicate the results at the Perkins Road location.

    “People really like doggie day care—particularly if they’re working people. They don’t have to leave their dogs at home,” he says.
    In addition to day care services, Hackett says he’s toying with the idea of using Petz Plaza’s Aldrich Market space for social events for animals and their pet owners in the Southdowns neighborhood.

    Read a recent entrepreneur feature on Michael and JT Hackett.

    —Alexandria Burris

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