Perkins Rowe to undergo $5M redevelopment

    The owners of Perkins Rowe are moving ahead with already-announced plans to upgrade the nearly 11-year-old retail and lifestyle center, announcing today they will soon kick off a $5 million plan to bring more dining options and public amenities to the mixed-use development.

    A new building will be constructed at Magnolia Park—on the east side of the property next to Anthropologie—for pop-up restaurants and cafes, a spokesperson says. Local chefs also can use the building to test new menu items. Additionally, the park area will be enhanced as a place for shoppers and visitors to gather, play games and relax.

    The soon-to-be-complete Picardy Avenue Extension project will offer direct access to Magnolia Park, the company adds. Construction work is set to begin sometime this year.

    “The (upgrades) will not only modernize and beautify Perkins Rowe but it will also make us better able to satisfy our commitment to the local community and the arts,” says Tommy Miller, Trademark Property Company managing director and chief investment officer, in a news release.

    Trademark, which took over management and purchased an ownership stake in the property in 2016, first announced plans to upgrade the 874,000-square-foot development in September.

    Other enhancements at Perkins Rowe include the addition of a bandstand, water feature, and seating areas at the development’s main town square. Local artists also will paint murals throughout the property. Additional storefronts also will be added to East Market Street.

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