Pennington, other health centers land $20 million grant for research

    Pennington Biomedical Research Center is getting a slice of a $20 million grant to continue collaborative health research projects, LSU has announced.

    The National Institutes of Health—the federal agency dedicated to medical research—awarded the money, providing five additional years of funding for the Louisiana Clinical and Translational Science Center.

    The center’s three primary collaborating institutions are Pennington, LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans and Tulane Health Sciences Center, which will share the grant monies with other academic and medical institutions in Louisiana.

    The award will fund medical research into chronic disease prevention and improving health outcomes in “underserved populations,” says Stephanie Malin, a Pennington spokeswoman. Louisiana has notoriously bad health outcomes; LSU officials note the state ranks highest in the nation when it comes to deaths from chronic diseases that stem, in part, from lifestyle. More than half of Louisiana’s youth are overweight or obese.

    The group of health centers, including Pennington, previously received a $20 million NIH grant that also funded nutrition and chronic disease, among other things.

    —Sam Karlin

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