Patient Plus Urgent Care: Advancing technology to better treat Baton Rouge [sponsored]

    With eight locations in the Greater Baton Rouge area and the ninth under construction, Patient Plus Urgent Care is the first clinic of its kind in Louisiana and one of the first in the nation to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to bring faster, more efficient healthcare to the capital region.

    AI, the use of computer systems to conduct tasks typically requiring humans, may include speech recognition, translation between languages, decision-making, and other functions. With plans for launch soon, Patient Plus’ AI technology is designed to support clinical decision-making, reducing the need for staff to spend time on logistics, such as coding or paperwork, and allowing them to focus more on patient care.

    “At Patient Plus, patients have come to expect a personalized level of care, and that care will not be sacrificed by utilizing AI technology,” says Dr. Rubin Patel, Patient Plus Urgent Care Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “It means we are willing to be innovative to treat our patients even more efficiently.”

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