Old Entergy site in Mid City could get pizza parlor, microbrewery

    The Planning Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved rezoning the old Entergy building at 1509 Government St. in Mid City from light commercial to a designation for a restaurant serving alcohol.

    The long-abandoned building is being redeveloped as the Electric Depot, a mixed-use development that developers hope to begin construction on in the next week or two.

    Architect Dyke Nelson, who is leading the development team that the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority selected last summer to transform the site, told the commission a potential tenant wants to open a pizza parlor that serves beer.

    Nelson did not disclose the identity of the tenant. He did, however, amend his original zoning request from C-AB-2, or commercial alcoholic beverage-bars and lounges, to C-AB-1, or commercial alcoholic beverage-restaurant, to accommodate the tenant.

    “They are going to have a microbrewery there that serves local beer, so the idea is to adjust the current zoning to allow for alcohol,” Nelson said. “It’s not meant to be a bar or anything like that which why we’re not seeking this [C-AB-2] zoning adjustment.”

    Nelson’s team, Weinstein Nelson, was selected last May to redevelop the site for the RDA, which received the property in 2013 through a donation from Entergy. Eight teams submitted proposals to revamp the site.

    “We want to be good community partners,” Nelson said. “We’re trying to put this property back into commerce.”

    The request also must go to the Metro Council for approval.

    In other Planning Commission news, the panel unanimously approved the site plan for Restaurant Depot, a member’s only wholesale food service supplier, slated to open in Baton Rouge this year.

    —Alexandria Burris

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