No. 1 on the List: Postlethwaite & Netterville

    With President-elect Donald Trump slated to take office soon, Postlethwaite & Netterville CEO and Managing Director Bill Balhoff is keeping an eye on what will happen to the regulations impacting the firm’s business clients.

    “The campaign was that ‘we’re going to make a better business friendly environment’ … that’s something they say they will look at, and I think they will look at it,” says Balhoff, adding that sometimes it can be hard to set a regulation and later roll it back.

    Still, he’s keeping an eye on what’s happening in Washington as the accounting firm and its CPAs works to stay ahead of regulatory changes for clients in banking and other fields, while coping with the pressures that evolving technology have put on the accounting industry.

    “Technology and data is so voluminous,” Balhoff says when discussing the outlook of the industry. “We have to say, ‘How do we harness this and continue to do a better job of helping our clients succeed and continue to protect the public?’”

    Balhoff says the firm has embraced changed over the course of its history—evolving from a company that offered more traditional accounting services and employing roughly 25 people when he joined in the mid-1970s to one that today employs just under 600 people statewide and offers more than 50 services, such as project management and internal audit support.

    The sheer size of the firm landed it at the top of Business Report’s new ranking of accounting firms. According to the rankings, which are based on the total number of local certified public accountants, Postlethwaite & Netterville has 83 local CPAs and 146 statewide.

    Balhoff says the firm has grown to its current size because it never lost sight of its mission and has remained focused on key values—quality, delivering quality services and employing quality people while providing them with support to grow. The firm has evolved as its clients became more sophisticated, he says.

    Following Postlethwaite & Netterville on the list are Hannis T. Bourgeois, KPMG, Faulk & Winkler and TWRU CPAs & Financial Advisors.  

    See Business Report’s full ranking of the area’s largest 22 local accounting firms in the current issue, and look for a ranking of Louisiana’s public colleges and universities in the new Business Report issue that hits stands next week.  

    —Alexandria Burris

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