Next up for hyacinth exterminator: Bayou Duplantier cleanup

    A Lakeshore area resident who spearheaded the successful cleanup effort earlier this year of Crest Lake, which was overtaken by hyacinth plants, is now tackling Bayou Duplantier, which is plagued with weeds. The bayou feeds into the north side of City Park Lake near the City Park golf course.

    Matt Thomas, who founded The University Lakes Improvement and Preservation Association, or TULIPA, several years ago, has been tackling the various lake cleanup projects because, basically, no one else is. He marshaled volunteers last summer to remove the pesky hyacinths from Crest Lake—which is near the north gates of LSU on Dalrymple Drive—and this fall has been trying to remove the plants from University Lake, where they have spread.

    He became involved in the Bayou Duplantier cleanup effort last month at the request of volunteers from the Friends of City Park organization, who were concerned about the abundance of weeds in the bayou. The weeds are problematic for a couple of reasons. They’re clogging the area around the pump that is used for the golf course sprinkler system. They’re also spreading into nearby City Park Lake.

    For the third weekend in a row, Thomas is soliciting volunteers to help with the bayou cleanup. Volunteers won’t be expected to wade into the bayou, but they should be prepared to get dirty, he says.

    Interested volunteers should meet at 8 a.m. Saturday and again on Sunday, weather permitting, in the parking area on East Lakeshore Drive near Dalrymple between the City Park Golf Course and City Park Lake.

    —Stephanie Riegel

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