Newsmaker of the Week: LSU

    While most of Baton Rouge was caught up in the politics of filling the Metro Council seat left behind by the late Buddy Amoroso, LSU’s flagship campus in Baton Rouge confirmed it is changing its admissions procedures, sending waves across the state’s higher education system.

    The university is now moving toward what it calls a more “holistic evaluation” of prospective students that will include, for the first time, a required letter of recommendation from a teacher, advisor, school administrator or counselor.

    The news went out after Daily Report got notice of a June 22 letter to college admissions counselors at high schools throughout the state. The changes will go into effect for the summer/fall 2019 academic term.

    The “holistic evaluation” could have a significant impact on who gets admitted to LSU. Though the university will continue to maintain its admissions requirements of a minimum 3.0 grade-point average and 22 ACT score, students who fall short of those requirements will still be considered for admission on the basis of other criteria, says LSU Vice President of Public Affairs Jason Droddy.  

    The new admissions system could increase the university’s diversity or make the process more challenging for students pressed to secure a letter of recommendation. Either way, the change could have a dramatic effect on the university’s enrollment numbers.

    Though Droddy does not predict it significant impact and says concerns that the quality of incoming LSU freshmen may drop are unfounded, the changes could affect Louisiana for decades as the next wave of students matriculates through the university and head into the workforce.  

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