News roundup: Monthly mineral lease sale in Louisiana nets roughly $48K … Startup exploration and production company lands $30M investment … US moves down one spot on world’s most innovative economies ranking

    Sold!: The Louisiana Mineral and Energy Board sold two leases covering 240 acres in Terrebonne Parish for $48,134 at its monthly lease sale on Jan. 11. Thus far in the fiscal year that began July 1, the board has collected $1.1 million in revenue through its monthly lease sales. The board generated $5.5 million through the sales last fiscal year.  

    Finding funding: Slant Energy, a startup exploration and production company with offices in Lafayette and Wichita Falls, Texas, has secured a $30 million equity commitment from Dallas-based Pearl Energy Investments. According to a news release, Slant is focused on developing shallow, conventional oil and gas fields in the mid-continent regions and in north Texas. The company says it will pursue drilling new wells in established reservoirs as well as purchasing existing assets, optimizing production and maximizing value. 

    Down one: The United States slipped one spot to No. 9 on Bloomberg’s 2017 Innovation Index, which ranks the world’s most innovative economies. The index scores world economies using factors including research and development spending and their concentration of high-tech public companies. South Korea claims the No. 1 overall spot on the list, topping the international charts in research and development intensity, value-added manufacturing and patent activity and with top-five rankings in high-tech density, higher education and researcher concentration. Read the full story.

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