New Baton Rouge cleaning business sets sights on student housing

    KC’s Cleaning Cavalry, a new cleaning service for university students, began taking orders for this weekend, just in time for students to begin moving back to Baton Rouge. LSU business administration student Kiara Littlejohn and LSU alumnus Calvin Montgomery founded KC’s Cleaning Cavalry out of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center at LSU after searching for a business opportunity with few overhead costs that they could take on in addition to their full-time jobs.

    While many LSU students have TOPS scholarships to help with the costs of school and living, it can still be pricey to pay to have an apartment cleaned. Littlejohn says she and Montgomery operate their new business on the basis of reducing cost for students.

    “There isn’t really any other cleaning business that caters to college students, and we know from being students ourselves this might be something students are interested in. We just need to make it affordable,” Littlejohn says. “We also considered that some of the larger three- and four-bedroom apartments might be splitting the tab, but we offer partial apartment unit cleaning as well.”

    Prices range from $30 for a single bedroom/bathroom cleaning to $225 for a complete after-party scrub-down. The idea actually grew from the idea of offering services after large college parties.

    “It started with my business partner and I, Calvin, and we were trying to find a lucrative business to get started, and I mentioned a cleaning service,” Littlejohn says. “Calvin built on that, saying we could do after-party cleaning for fraternities. It kind of just snowballed from there.”

    KC’s Cleaning Cavalry’s business is aimed specifically at serving students who live in apartments and houses surrounding the LSU campus a few miles in each direction, with prices based on apartment size. Clients must book two days in advance but can do it online 24 hours a day.

    Since opening, KC’s Cleaning Cavalry has booked one client and has one employee. They have ads placed on Craigslist and looking for “cleaning cavaleirs.” Littlejohn says they are anticipating business to pick up as school starts in a few weeks and are working to expand their staff as well as get the word out about their services.

    —Deanna Narveson

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