McCollister: District Judge Eboni Johnson Rose should resign

    Rolfe McCollister
    Rolfe McCollister Jr. is a contributing columnist.

    In his June editorial column, Rolfe McCollister calls on District Judge Eboni Johnson Rose to resign or be removed from the bench by the Judiciary Commission after a recent courtroom exchange targeting the district attorney.

    Her comments were made during an April hearing in which the judge criticized delays in the case of a Black man accused of domestic violence, complaining that if the defendant pleaded guilty to a felony as planned, he wouldn’t be able to have the conviction expunged.

    Rose’s comments in the transcript reported by WAFB were:

    The Court: This is the fourth time. And this case is [expletive removed] four years old now. And that’s the best that y’all can come up with? You’re just going to, what, stick every [N-word] in jail?

    Mr. Morgan: Your honor, that is not at all the intention of the district attorney’s office.

    District Attorney Hillar Moore told WAFB-TV that the comments were inappropriate, and he was highly offended on behalf of himself and everyone who works in his office. ”It’s damn near close to being called a racist and it really pisses me off,” he said. “It’s just completely and wholly untrue. We do not see our cases as they come in as color. We see them as victims and defendants, and we treat them alike. It doesn’t matter what the color is.”

    In his column, McCollister argues that The Judiciary Commission, an arm of the Louisiana Supreme Court, should investigate and take swift action by removing her from the bench, based on the transcript. 

    He reminds readers that he took a similar stance several years ago when the late District Judge Mike Erwin was accused of using the same racial slur during a verbal altercation with a Black woman at the bar. 

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