Mayor pursues a plan for Baton Rouge’s stormwater

    The city-parish today began the hunt for firms to develop a Comprehensive Parish Stormwater Master Plan.

    In a statement issued this afternoon, Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s office says the goal is to secure a thorough review of Baton Rouge’s existing drainage systems, including an evaluation of regional drainage capacity.

    Touted as a first for East Baton Rouge, the plan is an effort to address drainage issues in the parish and prevent the widespread flooding seen last August.

    The immediate creation of a stormwater master plan was one of the recommendations included in transition reports Broome’s office released in March. Additionally, an assessment by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber determined that 146,156—or roughly 42%—of all homes in the Baton Rouge metro area were impacted by the flooding.

    “We have learned a lot since last year’s flooding, and we are consistently putting those lessons to use to protect our citizens,” Broome says in the statement. “Recent widespread flooding has exposed the need to look at addressing water drainage in East Baton Rouge Parish to determine the deficiencies of our systems, but also look at this from a regional basis with our neighboring parishes. We know that drainage and the flow of our waterways do not stop at our parish boundaries.”

    Responses to the city-parish’s request for qualifications are due Aug. 4. Oral presentations will be heard from three firms on Aug. 30.

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