LSU Innovation Park company out to lighten the load for soldiers

    Carver Scientific Inc., a startup working out of LSU Innovation Park, is developing a heating and cooling device for military personnel as part of a multi-year effort to lighten the increasing load of batteries soldiers must often carry.

    The energy technology company is using a U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Small Business Innovation Research Phase II Award to create the technology.

    “We have to make it as small and efficient as possible, and still provide a measurable benefit—at the right price,” Ritchie Priddy, business development director and principal investigator of the effort, said in a prepared statement.

    Studies show that for a standard three-day mission, an infantry platoon of 30 soldiers carries about 400 pounds of batteries or some kind of energy storage technology to power their equipment.

    The latest version of CSi’s device weighs 18 ounces, and the civilian version, powered by commercial off-the-shelf USB batteries, uses about 6 watts, so it can help soldiers without adding to the weight of batteries they have to carry.

    CSi is seeking two other Department of Defense contracts to finish developing their gear, aiming to enter the commercial market or the MCHC next summer.

    Read the LSU news release.

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