LSU incubator signs three new tenants, 3P QuickCure Clay gets distribution agreement

    There’s a flurry of activity at the Louisiana Business & Technology Center at LSU Innovation Park, where Pojman Polymer Products has signed a licensing deal with a New Jersey company to manufacture and distribute its QuickCure Clay and three startups have signed on as new tenants.

    Pojman Polymer Products, owned by LSU Chemistry Professor John Pojman, has entered into an agreement with Ranger Industries of Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

    “I am very excited to have Ranger Industries manufacturing and distributing QuickCure Clay,” Pojman says in a news release. “Ranger has a proud history in the arts and crafts industry and has the expertise to bring QuickCure Clay to consumers in the US and abroad.”

    3P QuickCure Clay is a sculpting clay or putty that can be used for art or home repairs. The clay can be cured in minutes by using heat to start a chemical reaction that causes the clay to harden. No kiln is needed.

    In addition to the Pojman Polymer Products development, the Louisiana Business & Technology Center has accepted three new startups as tenants: Corrosion Prevention Technologies, Alexander Industrial Solutions and Mandatory Fuel Management.

    Corrosion Prevention Technologies works with energy companies at refineries, offshore drilling platforms and other applications. The company has patented a two-step process that enables contractors to meet or exceed detectable contaminant thresholds and visual standard requirements.

    Alexander Industrial Solutions works to improve a company’s chemical inventory by managing the replacement of hazardous products with safer, eco-focused alternatives. Their programs are designed to minimize environmental impact, employee risk and regulatory exposure for industry.

    Mandatory Fuel Management provides technology for fuel tank cleaning, polishing and filtration. The company has patented technology and equipment designed to correct the problems of water, bacteria, fungus and microbial growth in fuel tanks.

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