Louisiana ranked No. 18 for ACT career readiness certificates

    A Site Selection 2017 “State of the States” report shows Louisiana is ranked No. 18 in the nation for the number of ACT National Career Readiness Certificates earned per capita among working adults.

    The certificates are used as a reliable way to verify an employee’s work skills and to help job seekers improve their career outcomes. Louisianans earned roughly 66,600 certificates, a 25% improvement for the 2016-2017 year.

    The ranking is one of six indicators included in the report as a means to assist corporate location decision makers. Other indicators include spending on higher education research and development, energy costs, fiscal conditions, college attainment and the business tax climate of states.

    According to the report, Louisiana is ranked No. 41 in the nation for its business tax climate and No. 29 for higher education research and development spending. The state is near the bottom of the list—No. 49—for the percentage of working age adults who have two-year degrees or higher, 44.7%.

    Louisiana has the fifth lowest electric power costs and is No. 33 on the Mercatus Center at George Mason University’s fiscal condition index. The report also provides legislative updates as well as up-to-date demographic, economic and education data.

    Last year, Louisiana tied South Carolina for having the seventh best business climate, according to a 2016 Site Selection ranking.

    View the report on Louisiana and see the full “State of the States” report.

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