Louisiana lawmakers bailing in record numbers before completing terms

    The Louisiana Legislature has been shedding members at a high rate, with 15% of lawmakers leaving their elected positions without completing their terms in the last three years, the Associated Press reports.

    Twenty-two state lawmakers have left office since the term began in January 2016, two senators and 20 members of the House. Nearly one out of every five House members from the start of the term is no longer in the chamber, a higher turnover rate than any term going back four decades.

    Some lawmakers left for jobs at government agencies. Others won elections to switch to different offices. One lawmaker died fewer than two months into the term.
    Louisiana has had 10 legislative sessions in three years—three regularly-scheduled annual sessions and seven special sessions called by Gov. John Bel Edwards to deal with state finances.

    Five election dates were created specifically to fill empty legislative seats, an expense that otherwise wouldn’t have been needed.

    Read the full story which takes a deeper look at why so many legislators are leaving their seats.

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