At least 15% of Louisianans reported being underemployed in 2016, Gallup says

Underemployment remains a problem in Louisiana, as the state ranks among 10 states in which a sizable share of adults 18 and older are working part-time yet desire full-time employment or simply can’t find jobs that match their skills, Gallup says in a recent report.

According to Gallup, 15.7% of Louisiana adults in the workforce say they are underemployed. Of the 50 states, the only states with rates higher than Louisiana are Nevada, Alaska, New York, California, Mississippi and New Mexico.

Gallup says the U.S.’s most robust labor markets center around the northern Plains states and Washington, D.C., which have consistently high rates of full-time employment and relatively low underemployment. States with low populations of underemployed adults include Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, Utah, New Hampshire, Missouri, North Dakota, and Iowa. These states also have what Gallup calls Good Job rates. States in the Southwest, Southeast and Appalachian regions have the lowest Gallup Good Job rates.

“The differences in GGJ rates across states may reflect several factors, including the overall employment situation and the population’s demographic composition,” Gallup says. “States with large older and retired populations, for example, would have a lower percentage of adults working full time. Several of the states with the lowest GGJ rates in 2016—West Virginia, Florida and Maine—have the largest proportions of residents aged 65 or older.”

The Gallup’s Good Job metric tracks the percentage of U.S. adults aged 18 and older who are employed full time for an employer for at least 30 hours per week. The results of the survey are based on interviews throughout 2016 with roughly 355,000 U.S. adults. The measure does not include adults who are self-employed, work fewer than 30 hours per week, are unemployed or are out of the workforce.

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