‘LaPolitics’: Super PAC created to support Kennedy; national conservative group targeting Edwards

    A super PAC is being created to help U.S. Sen. John Kennedy in Washington and at home. It’s called the Conservative Louisiana PAC. Kyle Ruckert, the political architect for former U.S. Sen. David Vitter, will serve as its director and D.C. attorney Charlie Spies has signed on as the treasurer. It’s unknown exactly what the new organization will do, but it will likely involve itself in races that Kennedy cares about and it may advocate policy issues the senator is pushing.

    —America Rising Squared and America Rising PAC have been reaching out to reporters in Louisiana on a regular basis since December to push alternative takes on stories involving Gov. John Bel Edwards. Budget stories and the administration’s approach to revenue have been the focus so far. The conservative group, which largely plays in national politics, is no stranger to Louisiana’s federal races. But its interest in a statewide post is something new. Jeremy Adler, a spokesperson for America Rising Squared, says his organization “likes to keep tabs on all Democrats running for or in office and seek to highlight their vulnerabilities.” But he adds that Edwards is near the top of their list in terms of governors around the country. “Obviously, John Bel Edwards is going to be a ripe target through 2019, so we definitely plan to keep tabs on him for now and make sure that people in Louisiana and across the country see that he’s taking the state in the wrong direction,” says Adler.

    —They said it: “Oh, Lord.” —Rep. Katrina Jackson, upon learning Louisiana had the highest sales tax rate in the nation, in The News-Star

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