‘LaPolitics’: Kennedy super PAC settled; robocalls aplenty in Baton Rouge

    In the race to replace David Vitter, the senior senator’s top political aide has been hired by a Florida-based super PAC supporting Treasurer John Kennedy’s bid for the seat. Kyle Ruckert, Vitter’s former chief of staff and campaign manager, will be leading the Louisiana arm of ESAFund.

    Kennedy has transferred $2 million from his state campaign account, which cannot be used directly on a federal race, to ESAFund’s PAC—and he has another $800,000 ready to go as needed. ESAFund, though, will likewise bring its own resources to the table in Louisiana.

    —Baton Rouge was the second most robocalled city in the nation, per capita, during June 2016, according to the latest National Robocall Index, which is a monthly report from YouMail Inc., the manufacturer of robocall-blocking software.

    Numbers with the 225 area code received 23.5 million robocalls—not confined to political messaging—last month. That’s the equivalent of 32.5 robocalls per person in the city in June.

    Only Atlanta received more recorded phone spam. The national “Do Not Call” registry has been largely ineffective because it was created for live telemarketers, not automated robodialers, says YouMail CEO Alex Quilici.  

    They said it: “We cannot allow this tragedy to define us, but we can allow it to direct us.” —Gov. John Bel Edwards, at a memorial Thursday for Baton Rouge’s slain officers

    —Jeremy Alford 

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