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Kennedy, Cassidy to serve on key US Senate committees

Louisiana’s Republican senators have landed assignments on key panels this Congress, including the Judiciary Committee, which kicked off Tuesday the first of several contentious nomination hearings on Capitol Hill.

The USA Today Network of Louisiana reports that freshman Sen. John Kennedy has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee. He began his second week in Congress questioning Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General.

The nomination hearing is the first of several this week for Trump’s nominees.

Kennedy told Sessions he was impressed by the support of law enforcement groups for his nomination. He questioned Sessions about his views on the Second Amendment and the Freedom of Information Act.

“In Louisiana, we believe that love is the answer, but we also believe that we have the right under the Constitution to own a gun—just in case,” said Kennedy. He will also serve on four other committees: Appropriations, Budget, Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, and Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Kennedy will take Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy’s seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, though he will have little seniority.

Cassidy will join the Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over taxes, health care and welfare programs. His new role on finance will be “incredibly important” with he and other Republicans focused on helping to create jobs and repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act.  

Cassidy will continue to serve on other committees, including Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; Veterans Affairs; Energy and Natural Resources; and Joint Economic Committee.

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