Juban’s owners eyeing late summer opening of new Baton Rouge restaurant concept

While a large billboard on Interstate 10 promises that Adrian’s, a long-awaited Juban’s concept restaurant under construction in the Highland Park Marketplace, is coming in the summer of 2017, it will be late summer at the earliest before the restaurant is open.

George Kurz, who is developing the 11,000-square-foot building that will house the restaurant and several other new tenants, blames weather delays on slowing construction.

“If you could have stopped the rain we could have made a lot better progress,” Kurz says. “It’s hard to pour a concrete parking lot and do underground excavation for utility services when it keeps raining. But we’re hoping it will be August now, instead of July.”

A new Kean’s Dry Cleaner location will be one of Adrian’s neighbors in the building, which is the third phase of Highland Park Marketplace. Interior construction on the dry cleaner begins this week.

Kurz has recently signed leases for the other two retail spaces in the building but declines to identify the new tenants, saying they’re not yet ready to make an announcement.

Kurz and the Juban’s owners have been working on the project since 2012, and it’s been nearly one year since Juban’s unveiled the name of the restaurant.

When completed, Adrian’s will be the fourth Juban’s-owned eatery in Baton Rouge. In late 2015, Juban’s owners acquired Christina’s downtown. They also have an ownership stake in Beausoleil in the Bocage Shopping Center, and own and operate their signature restaurant on Perkins Road in the Acadian-Perkins Plaza.

—Stephanie Riegel

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