Indie Plate getting out of grocery business to focus on meal subscription service

    Indie Plate announced today it is moving away from the grocery delivery concept that helped launch the company in 2013 to focus instead on its rapidly growing dinner-to-door service.

    In an email to its customers and followers, co-founders Ben Bartage and Peru Sharma, say, “Removing the grocery business is a bittersweet move for us, especially since it is how we began, but in the end we did not have the manpower to juggle both groceries and meal kits.”

    Indie Plate, which originally focused on delivering locally sourced, farm-fresh groceries to customers, expanded its services in January to include dinner-to-door meal kits and subscriptions. The company saw an immediately influx of customers requesting the service and announced earlier this year it planned to take the service statewide.

    “It’s much easier to grow and scale the meal subscription business,” Bartage tells Daily Report. “It’s more profitable. It’s easier to manage and easier to run.But we appreciate the business from all the grocery customers over the years.”

    In their email, Bartage and Sharma note that in since the beginning of the year Indie Plate has introduced the meal kit subscription, doubled its staff from four employees to nine, fully funded a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign and won the PitchBR competition.

    “Our business has grown immensely,” their email says. “With that growth came the extremely difficult decision to say farewell to the grocery side of Indie Plate.”

    The email goes on to say that Indie Plate will continue to feature many of the farm-fresh foods it formerly delivered as groceries in its meal subscription kits.

    Read the email here.

    —Stephanie Riegel

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