IberiaBank, Kean’s and Regal Nails set to open in Onyx downtown

    IberiaBank is set to open its first downtown branch, assistant vice president Tamara Palmer announced at this morning’s Downtown Development District meeting.

    The branch, to be located inside the Onyx Residences on Third Street, will be the bank’s ninth in the Baton Rouge area. It will be modeled after a line-free style of banking piloted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham branch, said Palmer, who will also manage the branch. Under the model, customers won’t walk in and stand in line to complete transactions at a counter, but rather sit down with a teller or banker to conduct business.

    “The space will have a smooth white feel, like an Apple Store,” Palmer said. “The teller line concept is going away. It will be a more personal experience where you will meet with your banker or teller at desks.”

    The bank will also feature collapsible walls that can be rearranged to make larger or smaller rooms within the building, she said.

    The Onyx Residences building is set to be completed later this year. Future tenants also include  a Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning location and a Regal Nails salon. The building’s 28 residential units on the upper floors will be open early next year.

    “A long time ago Third Street was the center of social activity downtown. It was the place to be,” DDD Executive Director Davis Rhorer said as this morning’s meeting. “I’m happy to see the diversity of the development there. Now four contiguous blocks will be complete.”

    —Deanna Narveson

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