Hydration station Vida-Flo to open first Louisiana location in Baton Rouge

    There will soon be a new way to stay hydrated in Baton Rouge when Vida-Flo, a medical wellness spa, opens at 1445 Coursey Blvd. in about a month.

    It will be the first Louisiana location for the Atlanta-based company, which has four of its so-called hydration stations in three cities currently, with plans to open additional locations in Nashville and Key West, Florida.  

    Vida-Flo touts itself as a medically safe way for people to rehydrate their bodies after working out or competing in an athletic event, or when recovering from illnesses such as the flu or combating the effects of an alcohol-induced hangover.

    Jodi Ruiz, who is bringing Vida-Flo to Baton Rouge with her siblings Brett and Brian McCollough and a silent partner, says the hydration therapy also is useful in helping to fight the signs of aging.

    “The better hydrated your skin is the better hydrated your skin looks,” she says.

    According to the company, each Vida-Flo location is overseen by a medical director who is a state medical board certified physician. Procedures are administered by licensed registered nurses, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

    The treatments are administered intravenously, utilizing one-use catheters and IV tubing connected to a bag of fluids, medications and vitamins.

    Ruiz says the Baton Rouge location will target athletes and bodybuilders, along with women looking to fight the signs of aging. In other markets Vida-Flo’s business demographics are typically 60% women and 40% men, Ruiz says. However, she and her partners believe the Baton Rouge market may be more evenly split.

    Vida-Flo is currently in the buildout phase but they should be opening in about a  month.

    —Alexandria Burris

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