Hurricane reconstruction in Texas and Florida expected to increase Baton Rouge construction prices

With recovery efforts accelerating in the aftermath of two massive hurricanes pummeling the east and west ends of the Gulf Coast, construction workers are flocking to Texas and Florida to cash in on the recovery. What does that mean for Baton Rouge, a region still recovering from its own weather disaster in 2016?

Local builders are hopeful the Baton Rouge area has enough work in a hot housing market to keep its labor force busy, according to a story in Business Report. Though it’s too early to say how many subcontractors will travel from the region to Texas or Florida, those in the local construction industry admit it’s worth watching.
“It would be naive to think we won’t be affected,” says Dwayne Gafford, president of the Capital Region Builders Association. “Homebuilding may be spared because we hire mostly mom-and-pop operations. We have four- or five-man crews, not huge crews. But we do expect a bit of slowdown in an already tough labor market.”

The construction industry has been struggling with an ongoing workforce shortage nationwide, especially in hotspots like Louisiana. The National Association of Home Builders reported 255,000 unfilled jobs in June. That was before the hurricanes hit, which means the work will soon multiply, exacerbating the labor deficit.

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