Health Tip of the Week, Sponsored by Baton Rouge General: How to tell the difference between allergy symptoms and cold symptoms

    Dr. Amanda Watts

    You’re not imagining it. Allergy season hit hard and early this year. As one of the top 10 worst U.S. cities for spring allergies, Baton Rouge doctors are seeing their fair share of allergy sufferers, many who aren’t sure if they’ve got a cold or allergies. Here are the tell-tale allergy symptoms:

    • Runny (but clear) or congested nose, itchy eyes, persistent sneezing
    • Symptoms show up in certain situations, i.e., sneezing frequently while outside or around a dog/cat
    • Colds usually take 7-10 days but allergies can linger for weeks

    Thankfully, most common over-the-counter treatments like nasal steroids and antihistamines can minimize your symptoms, but see your doctor if things get worse.

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